About us


Murray Tester- Managing Director

JH TESTER delivers production efficiency, operational reliability and safety through the systematic design, manufacture and integration of advanced automation systems for Australian Industry and beyond.

We are dedicated to the reliability and excellence that have become our hallmarks, and to maintaining our ambition of tackling Australian Industries most demanding automation challenges.

our principles
Creating and controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened. Our proactive approach identifies opportunities for innovation proactively rather than reactively.
Not just competent, but best-in-class in leveraging the latest technologies and methods to deliver our clients ‘smart innovative solutions’.
Every team member is a specialist, and each project is professionally managed to ensure successful delivery. Put simply, we won’t muck your around!
our company

Since 1980, JH TESTER has assisted its clients to meet the most demanding industrial challenges for automation, safety, performance and reliability. Quality is embedded in our attitudes, in the way we work, in our design processes, methodologies and our solutions. Quality is also embedded deep within our values and culture, providing a key framework for us to operate systematically, confidently and efficiently.

We have worked on many successful projects that have made a real impact within Australian Industry and globally.

Every day we come to work to push boundaries and we take pride in the work we do. At JH TESTER we promise an extraordinary customer experience, delivered through exceptional communication, guaranteed performance and commitment across the scope of the project and beyond with continued support. Our proven project management process is meticulously focused around all aspects of change, risk and quality & safety management with stage-gate analysis at all critical points.

more than a team
we are a family

Our values
  • 1

    We Crave Innovation

    We never fear pushing boundaries

  • 2

    We are Responsible

    We take ownership and accountability

  • 3

    Attention To Detail

    We believe there's no such thing as a small detail

  • 4


    We respect, trust and care for each other

  • 5

    We Are Pro-Active

    As self starters, we prioritize the important

  • Why Innovate
    Innovation is change that unlocks new value
    Jamie Notter

  • Why Responsibility
    The price of greatness is

    Winston Churchill

  • Why Details Matter
    It’s worth waiting to get it

    Steven Jobs

  • Team
    In business and in life, if you want to go far, go together.
    Bill Gates

  • Why Proactive
    Nobody need wait a single
    moment before starting to
    improve the world

    Anne Frank